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When I read many posts by my country men and women on Facebook, I am sad. I am sad because these posts are coming from the educated cream de la cream of our system. I see a system sunk by spiritual misdirection and lost in the culture to nowhere. A system bereft of pure understanding and misconstruing culture and religion.

We have sandwiched both and have come up with the bread that is inedible and often leads to death. Indeed the resultant is bitterness and failure. That we are selling this confusing system to the coming generation and expecting a change in the positive is to say the least, delusional. Now I understand why many have chosen to send their children out of this quagmire of the journey to nowhere. That explains why we are racing to train our kids out of the country of Nigeria if we can afford it. We have adopted the education of many western countries and where we cannot afford the West’s we settle for some African countries.

Now people will come out to say I have accused my culture as been substandard and have also lowered the standards of religion. I have not said or insinuated anything of such. When we defend honor when honor is not deserved, why will people not rob us and wait for us to say to them ‘ran ka de de’. The ‘ran ka de de’ is expected by our politicians, religious leaders, traditional rulers etc. even when they have not done anything to deserve honor.

They force it down our throat even when they should have been tied to the stake and executed. Some drum it down on us based on age even when Job 32 :9 says It is not only the old who are wise, not only the aged who understand what is right. When they see us almost catching them in their guiles, the politicians throw portions of our stolen money at us and we scramble like deprived dogs and rats. The religious leaders threaten us with curses even when God Himself has freed us from every curse.

The Kings and traditional rulers subdue us with the traditions of men and there we go scampering with pleadings for forgiveness. The old ones simply scream at us to obey our elders. And in all these, we forget what made us to complain in the first place. Sometimes they throw some pieces of fish at some of us in order to keep us under their tables thus deceiving us that we are one of them. At this level, those who were ‘lucky’ to sit under their tables to pick the crumbs of pieces of fish come back at the remaining ‘talakawas’ to defend the acts and intrigues of the bourgeoisie.

Now back to the beginning; my pain is that my people cannot see as they are completely blindfolded by the culture and religion. Their thoughts are visionless and warped. Yes they think but their thoughts lead them nowhere instead they find themselves playing the famous children’s game of ringa, ringa roses.

The book of wisdom which I have been very privileged to read tells me that as a man thinks, so is he. Prov 23:7. The very same book many of these people read but seem not to understand. The same book that is been used to hood wink many has the solution to our bondage. Unfortunately, we have not been able to see the deliverance because instead of reading the book we are listening and believing in the men and women who interpret the book. The saddest portion is that this very act is often defended by those who are supposed to know (The very educated).

Is it therefore all hopeless? Not at all. “For there is hope for a tree, If it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its tender shoots will not cease. Though its root may grow old in the earth, and its stump may die in the ground, yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant. Job 14:7-9.

That I am a Nigerian and that I am writing this because I can see it, is a sign of hope. If you can see it, all you then need is the courage and strength to avoid it. I can see it and I can assure you that there are many who also can see it. And I tell you what; in I Kings 19:8, God said to Elijah; Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”
The army of understanding and righteousness is coming. See them arise from the East and from the West with wisdom and power aided by the supernatural. They will arise with Justice in their wings and give victory to the oppressed.

March 2018

The Role of Christian Journalism


Any observant tourist to Germany this year would notice that the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation means a great deal to the country. Scores of academic conferences, public lectures, publications, and museum exhibitions are devoted to rediscovering the fascinating world and figures of the Reformation era, as well as its cultural, religious, and political legacies in Europe and beyond.

Despite all this, however, few in Europe see the relevance of the Protestant Reformers’ theological and spiritual vision for today. Many dismiss their doctrinal and ecclesial agenda as a mask for furthering the political and economic interests of power-hungry royalty (or, unintentionally, of zealous peasants).

Others blame the Reformation for leading Europe into divisive wars and struggles with disastrous and abiding social consequences. Most Europeans view the Reformers’ beliefs as intolerant, passé, and petty.

With few exceptions, Europe’s churches more or less agree. To advance ecumenical relationships with Catholics, the EKD will officially commemorate the anniversary as a Christusfest (festival of Christ) rather than celebrate it with the label “Reformation.”

There’s little cause for celebration anyway, as most churches have long abandoned—or, at least, significantly revised—the Reformation’s core doctrines: sola Scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria. While the Roman Catholic church still officially rejects Scripture alone, European Protestant church leaders and university theology faculty now place the authority of human reason, the claims of higher criticism, and individual conscience over Scripture. Grace alone is of little consequence in an age when ministers minimize sin and maximize humanity’s inherent goodness and free will.

It appears Erasmus won the debate with Luther over the bondage of the will after all. Faith alone and Christ alone have been replaced by the supposedly humbler positions of “We don’t know” and “Many paths lead to God.” And soli Deo gloria is the forgotten sola, known in Germany today only through the SDG inscribed under Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions.

Even the bulk of Europe’s evangelicals and free churches (i.e., those without ties to the state) see little use for the theology of the Reformation.

The Reformers’ quest for biblical and spiritual depth has been substituted for deep anti-intellectualism and shallow experientialism.

Ministers have largely traded the Reformers’ emphasis on the Christ-centered preaching of the Word for theater performances and moralistic guidelines, and the Protestant doctrine of the priesthood of all believers has warped into therapeutic individualism. Our prayer is that the same great God who sparked the Reformation 500 years ago would renew post-Christian German-speaking Europe, as well as many other regions around the globe.



Marriage is a place for love not a place for war. It is a place for the demonstration of joy, happiness and bliss. It is not a place to compete but a place to collaborate. It is a place where we can demonstrate the perfect relationship as showcased in heaven. This is where God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are co-equal yet by agreement with the Godhead, the Son would come to this world and die for mankind. (Phil 2:6-8 – TLB) This is what marriage is supposed to be. The devil could not stand this harmony in heaven and hence he wanted to destroy it and God cast him out. In the same manner the devil does not want to see this harmony exist in homes on earth hence he is all out to destroy it. Now we know the source of divorce and brutality as we see them today. Marriage is a place where we are co-equal but with a head. This relationship creates harmony. Any organization without a head is heading for disaster. Imagine a ship or an airplane where all the pilots are in charge at the same level……..

The institution of marriage will be confusing if we eliminate God from it. The best way to understand marriage is to understand how and why it was created in the first place. Marriage is not the place to come and demonstrate our feminist ideologies (whatever that means) or our male dominance chauvinistic/egoistic vibes. These attitudes will derail the institution of marriage very fast and the end result is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. (DV)

The causes of DV could be classified into 2 and I can also classify them as visible and invisible. This quickly classifies DV therefore into the two categories which are visible DV and invisible DV. The visible is the one that is very obvious while the invisible is the subtle one and is hardly seen or noticeable unless you dig a bit dipper. The visible domestic violence is mostly perpetrated by men although some women sometimes partake in it also while most women tend to perpetrate more of the invisible violence with some men doing same. You notice the visible when for instance the wife goes to work with a black eye or you hear a loud scream from your neighbor’s home or sometimes it reaches a crescendo leading to the death of one of the partners. An example is the one that just happened at Egbeda, Lagos state of Nigeria where the husband killed the wife.

The invisible like I said previously is subtle, painful and just as dangerous as the visible. An example is when a spouse denies his or her partner of his or her conjugal rights like sex, thus using it as a weapon. Another example is when a spouse engages in a war of tongue lashing. These are very dangerous weapons. The invisible is more dangerous as the onlooker sees nothing but the receiver is in an immense pain. Both visible and the invisible are weapons like a gun in the hands of any good or disciplined soldier. They could be fantastic materials for defense. Talking about the invisible, let’s take sex for instance; it is an excellent weapon of defense for a home as it helps put the husband and wife together and ultimately the entire family so why use it as a weapon of punishment and thus leading to violence? The tongue is the same thing. It is an excellent weapon of defense or destruction depending on how you use it. If properly used, the tongue could bring abundance of joy to a home and if misused it could tear and burn down a marriage faster than any raging blaze. So why do we choose the negative? In the same vane, if a man channels his weapon of strength and ego properly, it could make the home a safe place rather than a war zone. So again why do we then choose to use our weapon of strength as an instrument of destruction called DV? These weapons, the enemy will often take and use them for our destruction. It is like putting a fantastic gun in the hand of a lunatic soldier.
I want to conclude this write-up by submitting that domestic violence is not African and that spouse battery is not an African culture.

IT IS A HUMAN CULTURE. I have often talked with many of my friends in the West and they come up with this conclusion that women are often battered in Africa. Interestingly I have also heard many of my African sisters agree with them. You know what friends? Domestic violence (DV) exists everywhere. It is interesting that even with all technologies available in the West, DV is still very common. I am an African and I come from Benin City somewhere in Nigeria. I don’t know too much about some other African cultures but by my culture, if a man inflicts injuries on his wife, his father, mother and the elders in his family are invited to the elders’ court to explain the reason behind this. I also know that the humiliation to the man’s family is supposed to make the man think twice next time before attacking his wife. I know that in those days in my village, if the man is found guilty of wife battery, his family is made to pay a fine by buying a goat and the batterer is made to drag the goat around the streets as a display of family humiliation so everyone will be aware of the sin he has committed which is the sin of ‘beating your wife’. This is a humiliation to his entire family. I guess you won’t want to do this twice in your village. Having said this, I understand that some cultural laws tend to help it.

A year or so ago I remember a man who used a knife on his wife somewhere in Calgary. Also in the Western world, there have been instances of men killing their wives with weapons such as guns etc. O.J. Simpson is not an African the last time I checked. DV is a response of human instinct inflicted by the enemy of mankind known as the devil. He is functional everywhere, it does not matter the continent. Do you know what makes me think? You would have thought that with the technology and the way people are caught and punished in the West and some African Cultures, DV would stop. No, it has not stopped. It is still happening. That tells you clearly that there is a stronger force that is beyond the ordinary. That is beyond the scope of this discussion. I do not rule out the use of common sense in all these.

We will be talking about this in church this Sunday. It will be great if you are a part of it. Why not make time to be at All Citizens Church on the 15th of May 2016.

We are surely going to have a great time in the presence of the almighty God.
God bless you all brethren.

Pastor Nosa Idahosa
Snr Pastor ACCM Calgary.



Growing up as a young Christian, Christians were not known to be whiners. These days we spend all the time whining and crying. In those days, we took the Gospel to where the gospel had never been to. We went everywhere to ensure that the Gospel was spread. For the records, it was the Nigeria Christian Corpers that took the Gospel to the Koma people in Adamawa in Northern Nigeria. It was a huge sacrifice. Some of these brethren had to strip themselves naked in order to be able to access the village. I writing this, remember when we visited a village in the deep Northern Nigeria and we were told not to preach and that if we did, we will be raided at night, all the brothers stood guard overnight and we preached in that village for 3 days. I remember sleeping on bare springs in a school somewhere in Wase village to preach the gospel. That was in the 80s.
Now fast forward to the 90s and 2000s. Christians have chosen to challenge each other in the cities with the sizes of their Cathedrals and models of their pastors’ cars. We steal members from our various churches. You find Christians these days that have traversed many churches. We advertise for members as if we are selling Blue Omo detergent. We fix loads of programs to stop our members from going to the program of others.
We now celebrate year after year with the latest aircrafts given to our GOs, and the sizes of homes just built for them. We have extended our escapades to building Schools, Hospitals and Universities that could only be attended by the rich that will not respect God. We have therefore created a vacuum. When we refused to go, we created a vacuum. Instead we began to compete over the number of ministers we have sent to Canada, the United States of America, Scotland, Germany etc. as if these people needed our ministers. We were not sending missionaries to these places but ministers. I want to tell you confidently. Stop sending ministers to these countries. They do not need your ministers. We have not been able to get many of them to the Lord anyway in spite of the number of minsters we have sent. Instead we have turned our Nigeria biased churches to hang out enclaves for Nigerians on Sundays and on party days. So if you need a place to socialize with people that understand your culture, please go to a Nigerian Church in many of these countries. Many in these churches have no clue about God. It is interesting that the same sister who attended the program the last time the ‘GO’ was around is also the one organizing for the African program biased towards African gods. Perhaps our main reason for sending our minsters overseas was to safeguard our human/financial investments that have gone overseas. I.e. so that we may retain our ‘almighty tithe’ base. We seem to be more interested in the Dollars and Pounds from these places to fuel our greed for big mansions, cathedrals and airplanes than the Gospel. We want people to prostrate before us when we visit them overseas. Meanwhile there are still villages around Lagos and in many places in Nigeria where the Gospel has not been heard till date. We are not interested in such places as we have declared them ‘non-viable’. Our unwillingness to ‘go’ created a vacuum in Nigeria and this vacuum is been occupied by others. Honestly you can never leave place empty as others will step in to fill the vacuum created. Instead of us to find out what the problem is, Nigerian Christians are whining “The Muslims are coming”. Let me quickly tell you. The Bible says occupy till I come (Luke 19:13). Since we have refused to occupy, more religions are finding their way into the system. We may scream Muslims now. We may continue to scream the Muslims are coming or like we often say these days ‘they are Islamizing Nigeria’. Thank God for the man of God who said it is because we have refused to Christianize Nigeria that they are Islamizing Nigeria. Let me quickly let us know that it is not only the Muslims that are coming. Many other religions and vices are coming. We have left the vacuum and others have to occupy them.
Enough of these whining and crying; Fold up your sleeves, wear your shoes, bring out your bibles and let’s go back to where we missed it. Let righteousness reign. Let the poor receive help from your schools and hospitals. Let us go into the places and preach the gospel. Do not create any doubt that you are an ambassador of Christ. If meat will make people stumble, please stop eating meat. Stop crying like losers and stop writing fake news asking everyone to share. We are not politicians but Christians. We walk by faith and not by sight. Stop behaving like the unbelievers who work and believe in propaganda. You cannot beat them with their weapon. The weapon of our warfare are not carnal but mighty THROUGH GOD (not through propaganda or writing fake news on Facebook) to the pulling down of strong holds. We now lack the power to cast down imaginations because we want to join them and use their weapons. Enough is enough.

Pastor Nosa Idahosa
Senior Pastor ACCM Calgary.

What Is Your Agenda?


This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that you can never conquer hate with hate. When we lack the right tool which definitely is love or we have some other agenda ourselves, we tend to apply the implements of violence to achieve our goal. We tend to use the weapons of hatred, deception, sentiments war etc. to secure our investments. When we hide under greed, selfishness and deception, we tend to look for gullible people to instigate to carry out our agenda. When you have nothing physical to protect, love is easier to engender. Jesus was a great example of this. He had no house, no financial investment, no wife or children to bother about so love was so easy to spew out from Him.

Peter in the Bible made the fatal mistake of thinking that violence and hatred could match hatred when he sliced off the ears of the attacker of Jesus. Jesus quickly corrected him because He knew that if Peter were to go with this drive, the church which He was going to die for and leave in the hands of people like Peter, will be heading for a colossal failure. Jesus taught love when the Pharisees taught hate, He taught love when the Jews spoke hate. He never changed His message of love when the Romans broke their own rules by crucifying an innocent man. On the cross, His words of love still sounds loud and clear today as we all hear ‘Father Forgive them’.
Something is therefore critically wrong when we see and hear His supposed disciples drum up hatred and spew kill and destroy as retaliation for hatred. That is terribly paradoxical. No wonder Mahatma Gandhi will say ‘I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ’
When we stand to preach hate and kill with all confidence, it therefore means you do not know the God you are talking about or you have something to hide and you are thus using deception as a cloak for whatever you trying to hide or protect
On a very simplistic level, a story is told about a boss who bought a very wild dog and this dog will rage and bark at the housemaid every day. However, it was the maid’s duty to take food to this dog daily. Gradually the dog got to realize that whenever the maid is around, she brings along with her some food for it. Even as a dog, it was quick to realize that if it should harm this housemaid, its source of livelihood is at stake. The story ends with the dog becoming so friendly with the maid that it became her protector. Many of us have forgotten so quickly the result of the violence perpetrated by Hitler against the Jews. Please ask yourself; where is Hitler and what happened to his legacy and where are the Jews today?
It is high level naivety laced with political antecedents when some Nigeria Christians have no message to the Muslims friends except hate. The message I hear daily is that the Muslims have an agenda to take over the Nigeria. I have always told the Christians who care to hear, to please plan their own agenda as there is nothing wrong with someone planning to have more people join him or her. What is wrong is if the means of the propagation of your increase is violent. Let the Christians watch it because if we continue in our trajectory, the Muslims will not need to use a weapon to take over the nation. On the contrary, if we stand up and preach the message of love which our God sent us out to preach, we will not only conquer the Muslims, we will also conquer the Buddhists, the pagans and every other person who does not believe in our God.
How many of us have heard how the late ace trumpeter Hugh Masakela came about his Trumpet? If you did not know, I will tell you. It was given to him by a white missionary. While many of the other whites hated the blacks and did them evil, another one brought a unique gift to this young man which changed his life. I am an Edo man and my forefathers were known to be very resistant to the Gospel. It took a lot of love to bring the gospel to Edo land. The missionaries had to bring schools, medical dispensaries; gifts to the sons of the chiefs’ etc. The result showed clearly when one of the foremost evangelists that Africa can boast of ended up an Edo man. I am talking about the person of the late Arch Bishop Idahosa.
Enough of the drums of war, kill and hatred. I feel and believe that most of the noises we hear today are laden with political motives in view of 2019. The story of the Muslims takeover in Nigeria was a political locomotive introduced by an agent of the past president of Nigeria who was an executive in the Christian Association of Nigeria. He did not hide his motive then. However, for those who listened to his message in 2015, this man said it was the people that we refused to evangelize yesterday that became the Boko Harams of today. I submit to that statement of his. If we therefore refuse to ‘go’ as sent by Jesus Christ and choose a political platform for our transformation instead of evangelistic platform, I am sad to let the church know that we would have taken a tangential direction which would take us far away from our object. This been said, I want to say again and again that the Church will not die. If we refuse to carry out the order of the master, He will raise up stones for himself. It will be impossible to destroy Christianity in Nigeria as God has preserved his seven thousand who has not bowed down to Baal. Secondly, I believe it and very greatly too that God will raise a man who will lead the work of the Almighty God in Nigeria. He will listen to our cries and soon and very soon our woes will be over. We are facing a phantom enemy when the real enemy is waging a ravaging war against the church.

God Bless you Brethren

My Letter to The Churches


We know and understand that this is a disruptive moment for everyone. I call on every religious leader to be innovative at such a time. Let us come up with ingenious and effective ways of worship in the face of this global challenge. This is not the time to suspend worship but to come up with practical and workable worship environments.

I call on all brethren who are most vulnerable such as seniors, those with underlying health challenges and perhaps those who are pregnant to be most cautious.

While it might be very tempting to display our faith prowess, it might not be expedient to do such at this time. This is not the best time to be famous but the situation calls for wisdom and God-inspired decisions.

We should and must not give in to fear but activate the word of God in our lives at this time. It is time to prove the efficacy of the word of God such as is written in Proverbs 18:10 which says the name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe. (NLT). The scripture is full of many of such promises and so I need not encumber this write up with all of them.

Finally in all our decisions, we should consider Rom 13:1-5 very carefully;

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.” Rom 13:1-5 (NIV)

We will soon be out of this because although we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil because He is with us.

God bless you all brethren.

Pastor Nosa Idahosa.
Snr Pastor ACCM Calgary.



Christianity is not a religion that had never been under pressure. However, let me say that there was a time when Christianity thrived under a less hazardous atmosphere. Perhaps that explains the relaxed mood many Christians have found themselves today. Maybe that is about to change. A thoughtful Christian would have known that this environment will not persist or endure for a long time.

Recently, Christianity has come under all manner of vicious attacks. These attacks are not limited to any continent. The weapons of attacks are as diverse as the continents where the attacks are coming from. Some have been physical, causing bodily harm and resulting in untold casualties and fatalities. For example, in Africa, precisely in Nigeria there is a huge and palpable fear that the religion is under severe attack by the Muslims especially when it is perceived that lots of the people in authority are from the Muslim sector. Also, there appear to be subtle moves to sell the Islamic religion not through the normal process of personal conviction but either by force or by fraud.

In the Western world, especially in Canada, the Christians are under severe pressure to give up their fundamental beliefs by the government of the day and surrender to evolutionism rather than creationism as believed by the Christians. Also, the LGBTQ community backed by the government of the day has targeted the Christian faith as their major enemy. Even when the Christians have submitted to allowing the LGBTQ community to be and to go their way and believe whatever they believe. The system has put the Christians on the defensive by threatening to starve them of much needed government funds and subsidies. These subtle moves by the government seek to bring Christianity on her knees. For instance, In Alberta, Christian schools have been forced to adopt LGBTQ principles, agenda and philosophies with the threat that if they refuse, they will be starved of funds by the government. As if these threats were not enough, the government has gone to the most vulnerable in our society; our children and have forced the Christians to let the Christian schools teach them what they LGBTQ believes and not what the Christians believe. And to further alienate the parents of these Children from what their Children are been taught, the schools have to sign not to inform the parents of what their Children are participating in. Stories have it that school curriculum and textbooks are being changed to accommodate the believes of the LGBTQ community. Such is the oppression that today’s Christian must endure in Canada. I think it would have been morally justifiable to excuse our Children from this quagmire of confusion and let the children decide for themselves when they reach the age of accountability. Alternatively, we have chosen to sell our propaganda into their young minds thus creating sufficient confusion for these young minds as they hear one thing from home and a totally different thing from school. The kids really do not know what or who to believe now.

Various degrees of oppression and repression are being suffered by Christians all over the world. In many parts of the Middle east, churches are not allowed to be built and physical persecution of Christians causing bodily harm are ubiquitous. It is not different in Asia. Unfortunately, in some parts of Europe, the word ‘anti-puritanism’ has been used to silence the Christian believer and to gradually obliterate Christian values from the system. Let me quickly say this before I continue that in spite of all these, I want to submit that the annihilation of Christianity is impossible.

So, under such an intense pressure, the question is what is the Christian’s response to the present-day challenge we face? The persecution of Christians is not new to Christianity. The Bible has examples of many of such. In Acts of the Apostles, just at the birth of Christianity, Herod did it and this led to the death of James and the imprisonment of Peter. In the time of Queen Esther, there was a plan to annihilate the Jews, the race from which Christianity emanated. In Rome, many Christians were thrown to the lions and were eaten. It is on record that many of the Apostles of Jesus Christ were either beheaded, burnt or made to suffer one humiliating death or the other. In medieval Europe, many Christians were tied to the stake and burnt for not obeying what the authorities thought were the right things to do.

Now my question to today’s Christian, is what is our answer to modern day plan and proposal to emasculate Christianity? To this I answer that guns and cudgels might not work. The Christians have to be careful with political maneuvers and theatrics unless God directs such exactly.

So, what are we going to do? I leave this question to all Christians to begin to come together and find answers to.

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